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How it works

For Micro-influencers

Setting up a listing in Reloquence is easy and free. 

After you sign up, use the Post a new listing button to set up your micro-influencer marketplace.  You will need to create separate listings for each service type that you provide. For example if you produce digital videos but also do brand mentions on social media, then you will need to create separate listings for each.

Here are a few free tools that will tell you what your engagement rate and other statistics are, and will allow brands to monitor your campaigns on social media.  Engagement rate (ER) is the key metric for influencer marketing campaigns, and can be calculated in several different ways.  The simplest formula is to measure engagement rate per post, but it can also be calculated per day, per month, per impressions, or per reach. 

  • Followers represent the audience who has potential to get direct exposure to posted content.
  • Reach represents the number of individuals who have been exposed to the content or page.
  • Impressions are the total number of views for the content or page.

(# of likes + # of comments)/# of followers * 100 = ER

Tools to Measure Social Analytics

Media Monitoring Tools

You can invite your clients and other micro-influencers to join Reloquence by using the Invite new members link in the top navigation bar, under the "More" pulldown menu.  For every invited micro-influencer who opts into Reloquence and sets up a new listing, you will receive one transaction with half off your transaction fees.  For every brand that you bring to Reloquence, who hires you from the Reloquence platform, you will receive half off of your transaction fees.

We encourage you to use your listings on Reloquence as if they were your own storefront: sell your products and services anytime, anywhere, on or off-line to make checkout easy and seamless.  Choose bright, colorful images to attract more business. The preferred dimensions are 700 x 467 pixels in size.  Keep your prices competitive, and offer several different options such as free trial, personal, business, professional or premium.

Content Creation Tools

Setting up a PayPal business account is easy and free.  

A business account is necessary in order to sell your services online, and PayPal will retain the tax information for the revenue that you collect on Reloquence through your listings, using an IRS Form 1099  for US transactions.  PayPal will walk you through the process. To upgrade to a PayPal business account, go to If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

PayPal Business Processes

PayPal payments need to be set up individually for each account. 

If micro-influencers want to receive payments for the listings they post, they will need to connect their PayPal account in their profile settings after registering.

What if the product/service is not delivered after a payment? 

For dispute resolution, contact PayPal and use their buyer/seller protection program. PayPal keeps the details of any incidents handled with Buyer/Seller Protection strictly private, and we are unable to comment on how any specific incident would be handled by the program, since PayPal does not wish to comment on that either.

However, we encourage you to get to know the program by visiting your local PayPal website and searching for the buyer protection program.  

Here is some additional PayPal tax information.


Micro-influencer pricing models are still in beta.  Reloquence is working on a guide for pricing your services, but to some extent, the  competition on the site will regulate prices.  Do your research before posting your service so you don't get undercut.  Top Tier influencers get paid a lot more than most people realize, so it helps to get your foot in the door early.

Here is a breakdown from industry leaders:

  • Tier 1 (known as ‘Icons’) have a median of 7.4 million followers - $21,500/post
  • Tier 2 (‘Trailblazers’) have on average 2.8 million followers - $32,400/post
  • Tier 3 (‘Influencers’) have on average 853,000 followers - $25,700/post
  • Tier 4 (‘Micro Influencers’) have around 221,000 followers - $8400/post
  • Tier 5  (‘Super Micro Influencers’) have on average 50,000 followers across all platforms - $1500/post

You'll notice that Tiers 2 and 3 make more money on average than Tier 1, despite Tier 1 influencers being more famous. This is because Tier 1 people tend to be more famous, but less influential. 

We are adding Tiers 6, 7 and 8, with price points based on reach and engagement levels.  These are averages.  Experience working with brands can push the prices higher.

  • Tier 6 (known as 'Engaged Micro Influencers'): Between 20K and 50K followers - $300/post
  • Tier 7 (known as 'Hacker Micro Influencers'): Between 5K and  20K followers - $150/post
  • Tier 8 (known as 'Newbie Micro Influencers'): Less than 5000 followers - $50/post

At $150/post you would need to do 10X the business of a super micro-influencer.  You won't get that if you stay out on Instagram by yourself, which is why it is important to grow this platform.  Invite new users, post the link on social, and spread the word about Reloquence.

Establishing a rapport with brands is easy and free.

Micro-influencers create great content that attracts relevant followers.  Brands commission micro-influencers to create unique, personalized content. The social exposure and content the micro-influencers create for brands adds value.  Aesthetic brand value: micro-influencers do things organically, not with purpose.  Influencers need to be authentic.

Micro-influencers sometimes have to pivot to please clients. Influencer marketing is not brand or customer advocacy. It's not affiliate marketing. It's not celebrity endorsement.  Micro-influencers send a relevant message to an audience who trusts them.  Micro-influencers retain followers after a campaign ends. Selfies are not it.  Reach is not it, targeted digital ads are better.

Brands provide disclosures to micro-influencers: #paidspons, #ad, or "This is a paid sponsorship campaign for Brand X". PR and social is still in dev as to how to work together. 

Micro-influencer marketing is about Sales Growth Buzz Content.

Ad agencies hire influencer agencies. It's a 3rd way of doing digital advertising.  Not traditional targeted digital ads. Not native advertising. Reloquence will sell paid sponsorship advertising and human-generated content, but at internet scale. The ad agencies are typically many steps removed from the brand. Micro-influencers typically work hand-in-hand with brands. 

Micro-influencer marketing is about more than just personal analytics scores. Brands see everyone in one dashboard, so can run challenges between micro-influencers.  Trust Reach Content - people to people.

Micro-influencers reach people who are already invested in the message - their followers trust them.

“Build your own adventure” - Reloquence sells experiences not things.  Niche Quality Engagement Audiences. A large audience typically means bad content. You want reusable content not large audiences. **

For Agencies and Brands

Establishing a rapport with micro-influencers is easy and free.

Welcome to the Club.  We help you reach audiences on social who are already perfect for your brand.  Our concept is affordable exclusivity.  Some of our influencers are just getting started, but have engagement rates that are off the charts.  Engagement rate is key.  Relevant audiences grow through high engagement rates during your campaign.  

Our public database of micro-influencers and content creators is just a small subset of our overall database. We will help you to source targeted influencers for your brand for our Small Business plan, and will provide a customized toolkit for our Premium plan that will empower you to invite your own influencers and content creators. Our toolkit is configurable and extensible for your specialized business needs. You can make your data public or private, and link and synch with ours for hyper-networked micro-influencer marketing. It’s up to you.

That said, if you have no previous experience with influencer marketing, we encourage you to start with the micro-influencers who are featured on our platform.  Don’t abruptly pitch your campaign. Connect first.  Give something for nothing - sponsor online giveaways.  Give a sample product or service to the micro-influencer for free. Craft a realistic exchange.  Choose micro-influencers who align with your goals. Some micro-influencers will provide services on an exchange basis.  Think of a way to bring them new business and get them new followers. 

Our micro-influencers are vetted and compliant with government regulations.  Don't be afraid to negotiate deals for individualized campaigns.  It's easy for our influencers to set up new listings according to your unique requirements.  Take your time, do your research, and build rapport.   Micro-influencers are affordable, so brands can hire multiple influencers for ongoing campaigns, as opposed to hiring one digital celebrity or one pro for one-time campaigns.**

Ordering and providing feedback for a service is easy

Once you have selected your top micro-influencer picks, checkout is easy and seamless. 

  • Identify your target market 
  • Make a list of talking points 
  • Choose relevant hashtags
  • Provide links to your product or service

After you mark the order as completed you can review and get feedback from the seller. Don't mark the order as completed before the service is delivered.  It may happen that you will receive an automatic message informing you to either remember to mark the transaction as complete or, if that was already done, to leave a review.   Only review the service after it is delivered to ensure the best possible service levels from the influencers and content creators.**  

**If we like what you co-create, we will feature you on our sites, blogs and newsletters too

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