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Invite your favorite influencers or hire ours. Invite content creators for eye catching, entertaining, high impact, paid sponsorship ads.

Hide your data or make it public. The Reloquence toolkit is extensible and configurable for your specialized business needs.

Link and synch your Reloquence business toolkit with ours for hyper-networked micro-influencer marketing.

It's up to you.

Here are the Reloquence 10 Steps to Success:

1) Choose your style: Action, Artistic, Closeup, E-Commerce, Flatlay, How-to, Lifestyle, Studio, Swatch

2) Choose video or image

3) Define the target audience you want to reach - where are they? What are their values? How will they buy your product?

4) Experiment with hashtags to figure out what kind of content people are making around your product, competitors and vertical. Ex: Target audience: influencer foodies that live in NYC. Hashtags to search: #NYCFood, #NYCfoodies, #NYCbruncheats

5) The cost to work with influencers has steadily increased in the last few years, due to a higher demand to work with influencers. Things to know before making your budget:

The more creative control you want of influencer content, the more it will cost.

Different content verticals have different avg. costs.

Influencers with more followers will cost more, but entry level micro influencers usually generate more engagement. Your dollar will usually go further with multiple micro-influencers.

6) What is the most important message you want to communicate with your audience? What’s the purpose of your brand sending a message to its audience now?

It's best to create some bulleted talking points for influencers to iterate on. Talking points can include differentiators from competitors or simply what you want people to remember about your product.

7) An influencer marketing campaign is a journey; they should not be done overnight - especially if you need good ROI. It's usually helpful when the entire team and your supervisor understand this too. Think of your influencer campaign like your last big vacation: early bookings get you lower rates and guaranteed availability for popular months.

8) Disclose via FTC and FEC guidelines: "This is a paid sponsorship ad" and "This ad was paid for by". If you choose video format, be sure the message is visible throughout the video for election campaign ads.

9) Use UTC codes to measure campaign ROI. Softer metrics like brand awareness are harder to measure, but social media is the best platform for reinventing, reinvigorating and renewing your brand image, especially with millennial audiences.

10) Reuse ads on your own channels and via ad networks to optimize and maximize ROI.

Listing created Nov 19, 2018

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