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From skilled "borderliner", Hackatao merges the cultured quotations of the past with courageous and ultra-contemporary forms , standing out as an innovative exponent of the current artistic scenario. The artistic diptych Hackatao is formed by Sergio Scalet (1973 Transacqua - TN) and Nadia Squarci (1977 Udine). The duo was formed in Milan in 2007 working together with the creation of the Podmork, sculptures with soft and totemic forms, which are at the center of their imaginative research.

The first years of their artistic activity (2007 - 2011) were spent in Milan where they actively participated in the emergence of new artistic currents.

Their inner and artistic research pushes them to change the scenery of life, an electrocution that pushes them to Oltris, a small medieval village set in the Carnic Alps. Putting themselves "outside the world" they perform a radical artistic act that allows them to detach themselves from the Flow, but at the same time participating actively in a more conscious life immune to its too fast flow. Hence their art merges with new, more natural materials, wood and ceramics.

2011 to 2016 were prolific years marked by different personal projects in Italy and in the world.

Hackatao: from the term "hacker" in its purest meaning: "a person who engages in facing intellectual challenges to overcome or creatively overcome the limitations imposed on him, in all aspects of his life" and the concept of "Tao" which indicates the field of action of the Group, understood as a continually changing Living All.

Images: Hackatao
Credits: Hackatao

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